Friday Flickr Foto Dump

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Up Close and Personal
So, it’s been a while since I did some photoblogging, and I thought I would go ahead and do a photodump of pictures taken in the past two weeks. You should click on the photos for larger versions and to read more about them, but here’s a basic rundown: the tulips in D.C. are amazing in Spring, the National Arboretum will knock your socks off, Rehobeth Beach in Delaware is wonderful, the new Nationals stadium is a dream for baseball fans, and the tulips in D.C. are amazing in Spring. Yeah, I said it twice: they’re really that good.
Purple Plant Horseshoe Menace Floral Print

Tulip Craze Coral

Nationals Park

A touch of red Ants on a Log Six by Six

Metro Standout

Galaxy Magnolia Mini Pineapple Garden

On second thought

Lighthouse The View from Above Sandy toes