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(I’m liveblogging a discussion with four congressional candidates – click the links below to find their Congresspedia profiles, part of our Wiki-the-Vote project)

3:13 Annette Taddeo says that her opponent’s opposition to SCHIP was the biggest reason for getting into the race.

3:17 Dan Seals: I want to see Democrats not blow it – we failed in 1994 because we didn’t elect a movement. Democrats should redouble their efforts.

3:19 Jill Derby says party and infrastructure building has been an incredible boon in Nevada. “Nevada is a new and different state,” she continues: In my dirstrict, the Republican registration advantage has shrunk 40% since I last ran in 2006.

3:23 Jim Himes is running in Connecticut’s 4th district, what he describes as one of the country’s most diverse district. He says moderates are sometimes enablers, and that Republican Rep. Chris Shays has broken with his party on issues where Congress doesn’t have much sway.

(More liveblogging and questions from the audience after the break) Continue reading…

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RegistrationI’ve started adding photos to my Flickr stream – if you see me around and want your picture taken, let me know! I’ll keep uploading photos, and you can expect to see some posts about the conference over the next couple of hours. I ran into Matt from New Mexico FBIHOP, and I understand he’ll be busy working on a story for the New Mexico Independent tomorrow. I’ve also heard that Democracy for New Mexico is around! So, there’s plenty or writing coming. You can also: