Election results for Grant County municipal races

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Well, I just called these in to the Associated Press, so you can say you saw them second. Let’s get started.

Bayard – here we had our only close race of the evening with incumbent mayor Rudy Martinez edging out former mayor David Conway by a 210-206 margin. Four votes is slim anywhere, so it’s surprising to see something like this happen in Bayard.

In Silver City, the big (well, only) contest was for mayor. James Marshall finished with a health mandate of 719 votes, while Councilor Gary Clauss tallied 350 and H.R. “Bodie” Chavez had 268.

Imelda Lopez won reelection in Santa Clara, with 162 votes, to 72 votes for Pete Ordonez and 70 for Gilbert Jimenez.

Finally, in Hurley, Ray Baca defeated Manuel Martinez, 229 to 169.

That’s all for now, gonna catch some shuteye. We’ll have more tomorrow!

Grant County Municipal Elections: My Thoughts


I’ve put this off, to be honest, for one reason: I’ve been accused of bias in my actions at the Daily Press (which is entirely untrue) and wanted to avoid that here. Whatever observations I make on these races, I want it known that I’ve taken no sides. Hopefully, most people will have made up their mind before reading this post anyway.

So, that being said, let’s see what we’ve got going (after the jump).

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Local Races – Silver City Edition


Things will likely get dicey around here in the coming weeks, as the municipal elections start heating up. With the election on March 7, we can start to expect candidates (and their supporters) to really hammer out their message.

With Edith Gutierrez getting a free ride to a four-year term as Municipal Judge, it looks like the only race in Silver City will be that for Mayor. This is an interesting one, with the field completely wide open right now.

Gary Clauss will be pushing strong on his opposition to the construction of a library at the former Hillcrest Hospital site, and for a renewed recycling program. Also, look for his supporters to trumpet sustainability in the community, and maybe even talk of a local minimum wage initiative.

The James Marshall camp has been pretty quiet, but he’s certainly been busy. The Citizen Corps Council he helped form is training their first team of volunteer emergency response teams this week. In addition, as project coordinator at Gila Regional Medical Center, he’ll be happy with the news that the Legislature approved $1 million for a cancer treatment center at GRMC.

I haven’t heard anything from the Bodie Chavez campaign, and it looks like Wednesday night might be the first chance we’ll get to see what they’re all about.

I’ll have more on the campaigns around Grant County later today. Also, be sure to attend the candidate forums this week. Those people running for office in Bayard, Hurley and Santa Clara will be appearing tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the Bayard Community Center. Silver City candidates will be at the Grant County Administration Center Wednesday night at 7. (Thanks Johnson)

UPDATE: Word comes through the email grapevine that Bodie Chavez may be the surprise candidate in the Silver City election:

“My two cents is that Bodie could be the literal ‘dark horse’ in the race.  Do not underestimate his organizing abilities.  His BBQ dinner was sold out hours early.”

I’m really looking forward to Wednesday…

Candidates Galore! pt. 2

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I attended the Silver City town council meeting tonight, and learned that Municipal Judge Edith Gutierrez will face Benny Montes in the upcoming election. Gutierrez defeated Montes in a special election last year (though the race had a third candidate). By narrowing the field to two, Montes might have a chance.

Incumbent that she is, Gutierrez might find some opposition in her appeal to the council for a higher salary. We’ll see what kind of feedback the councilors get during the next 30 days as we await a vote on the pertinent ordinance: will residents reward Gutierrez for good work done during the last year, or will they recoil at the thought of a higher salary for the position?

Also, contrary to what I wrote this morning, it appears as though both Steve May and Tom Nupp will be unopposed in the election. While WNMU student Serena Murillo indicated to several people (including myself) last night she would run for May’s council seat, she decided to stay out of the race.

We’ll have more in the morning!

Sittin’ Pretty

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New Mexico Matters gets it right:


That’s the gist of it. Nobody has stepped up to go against Pearce, and after the beating he gave King in 2004, I’m not sure why I’m surprised. I guess I have to question the Dems’ motives in not running a candidate, any candidate, against the Congressman from Hobbs. He’s basically being mentored by Richard Pombo, the brains behind the (almost) Great American Land Giveaway of 2005.

So, while the state Dem party is gearing up for the Heather Wilson/Patricia Madrid battle, Pearce is getting a free walk.

Regarding the Cook report linked over at NM Matters: the first reactions I saw over the report (like this one over at Daily Kos) seemed solid. Democrats across the country have an opportunity to pick up House and Senate seats, and maybe even some governor’s mansions. But a sweeping landslide to put Republicans into the minority-side of things in Congress? I doubt it.

Matt over at MyDD, on the other hand, sees some cracks in Cook’s analysis:

I’m not saying that Cook’s current outlook is wrong, because I have no idea. (He did predict Clinton would resign, btw…) What is clear is that on the three hard pieces of data that we have – polling, recruitment, and base level intensity – the Democrats have strong advantages. The map is against us, and that’s what the Republicans are hanging their hats on. The thing about a tidal wave though is that you win in districts that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider competitive – Arizona and Nevada are no longer looking like absolute safe seats for the R’s, transitioning into races in which D’s have a slight outside shot. And 2005 saw Republicans walking into a buzzsaw all over the country.

The electorate is just angry and sullen, so be careful about writing off our chances in taking a chamber back.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but it might be more plausible if the Democrats were contesting every seat. And that’s certainly yet to happen in New Mexico.

Election Results?

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One of my duties as News Director for my radio station is to broadcast election results from the County Clerk’s office as they come in from precints. Tonight I was broadcasting results from the 2005 School Board Election.

It’s been a long night. We only have five “districts” in the entire school distric, and only three school board seats were being contested. However, people in the district with the closest race were told that they couldn’t vote in that district, and instead had to go to another district. The race was decided by a mere 19 votes. The loser was, obviously, quite upset, and will most likely appeal the election.

In another district, one of the candidates filed for candidacy in the wrong district. He didn’t get many votes, but even if he had won he would have been unable to hold the school board seat.

So, out of three school board races, only one went off without a hitch. Wow.

I’m out.