Kicking the dead horse: an online transcript

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My sister is really good about letting me know when I’ve been talking too much on IM:

me: Man
Back in like 1998
I picked up this version of Carmina Burana on CD for $1.99
and I listened the hell out of that CD
And now when I hear a version, it never sounds right to me
Aislinn: what a bargain
me: I’ve bought 4 different versions since then
And still can’t find one that’s “right.”
Aislinn: weird
me: I know
Either the tempo is off
Or the tenor can’t sing right
Or, even worse, the soprano sucks
Aislinn: i’m sorry
me: LOL
It’s OK
I still enjoy it
It’s just a little nag, you know?
Like watching your favorite movie, but one of the actors was different
Aislinn: yeah, i get it

All the above said, the version I just picked up on iTunes by the London Symphony Orchestra is pretty damn amazing.

Post meme from Dan Carlson.