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We’re starting a new feature at New Mexico FBIHOP: morning updates from yours truly. I posted the first “From the D.C. Bureau” update this morning:

So, welcome to the first installment of Morning Edition from the D.C. Bureau. The basic premise is to provide a quick update on what’s happening in the world and perhaps highlight a couple of overlooked stories or others that I just find interesting. Sundays will feature an expanded edition (since, you know, it’s Sunday).

Stay tuned over at NMFBIHOP. Also, some site stuff: I’ve updated the widgets in the sidebar to reflect the primary winners, so those should carry us through the November election. If you want to find out more about the winners, head over to the New Mexico portal page on Congresspedia.

Finally, I’ve installed PicLens support: if you’ve installed the Firefox extension, knock yourself out. Otherwise, there’s a link on each photo post now to start a slideshow. I really do love browsing images using PicLens, so I recommend it.

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