Friday cat blogging

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Naptime Here’s the cats hanging out on the new chair up at Meredith’s place. The photo is a week old (as most of my cat blogging pictures are) but I was so in love with this shot I wanted to post it for you.

The new furniture was definitely a big hit (see below) with the kittens, and, from what I understand, with Meredith as well. She’s taken to falling asleep the couch, something pretty much unheard of in the past.

I hope she’s not planning to move any time soon, because I do not want to move that couch again: it took four of us on Saturday.

There’s a few more photos below. Later this weekend, you can expect some shots from the 2008 Cherry Blossom Festival. I took some photos on Wednesday night and I’ll be down at the Tidal Basin again tomorrow and Sunday, so stay tuned.

Anyhoo, more cute cat photos!

Getting Comfy Chillaxin