April Photo Challenge: Day 1

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I’m participating in the April Photo Challenge, and here’s my first image. The theme for the challenge is “entropy” or “devolution.” Basically, we’re looking for old and/or busted stuff and then taking photos!

Trevor Carpenter, the guy behind Photowalking.org and Photochallenge.org, has said “committing to shooting once a day, for a month, is not as hard as it sounds.” I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I’m going to give it a shot. I also think this is truly a challenge, given that it’s spring and there’s so much “new” life appearing everywhere.

If you’re interested in participating, you can find details here. Trevor alternates the challenges, so there won’t be another one until June, so get in on the action while the gettin’s good.

Anyway, my first photo is a rusted pole, shot with my 100mm macro lens, this morning. It’s at the intersection of 28th St and Army Navy Drive in Arlington, and holds the bus schedule for Route 22B. There’s EXIF data over at the Flickr photo page, but for you technical folk, I added a small amount of sharpening and bumped the saturation a bit.