Bill Richardson Endorsing Obama

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Looks like Big Bill has finally made an endorsement:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, the nation’s only Hispanic governor, is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president, calling him a “once-in-a-lifetime leader” who can unite the nation and restore America’s international leadership.

Link via Chris Bowers, who, like me, wonders if Richardson can sway any of New Mexico’s other Superdelegates to the Obama camp. I would say the odds are good (though you shouldn’t expect Martin Chavez to do a reversal on Richardson’s orders). The governor is going to be around for a couple more years, and, more importantly, can do a lot to help get people elected (I’m looking at you Diane Denish).

Aside from Richardson, only one other New Mexico Superdelegate has endorsed Obama: former DNC chair Fred Harris.

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