New York Recap


Times Square So, since I last blogged I went to Brooklyn, saw The Little Mermaid, went to the Natural History Museum, walked across Central Park (again), went to the Met, saw the Guggenheim (wow, oh wow, was this an incredible exhibit), had a slice, went to the UN building, went to the top (well, almost) of the Empire State Building (see image at left), went back to Times Square (with camera this time), took Meredith to Battery Park, then to Rockefeller Plaza and the MoMA.

Yeah, it was a busy couple of days.

My time in New York was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I was struck, at times, by the sheer magnitude of the experience: the number of people in Times Square, the endless steel-and-concrete canyons, the labyrinth-like subway system. But the city was ultimately very human for me: the children playing in the Trinity Church cemetery, the crowds making their observances at the World Trade Center site, and the couple sitting on the park bench in Williamsburg looking across the East River toward midtown.

You can read a little about Meredith’s reaction to New York here. It’s a little thought-provoking for me: I’ve never really considered where I was living in the ways she describes.

I might have more later, but here are a few more photos for you.

59th & Lex

Across the East River

Manhattan at Night