Mr. Fancy Pants in the New York Times


No less than four women called me “Mr. Fancy Pants” when I relayed I had been interviewed by the New York Times yesterday. I imagine they must teach this term during girl’s physical education classes in grade school, ((My reasoning here is that P.E. classes were mandatory, and yet were oftentimes the only occasion in which students were separated by gender))  since I don’t remember it on the general curriculum and its use seems confined to the female population.

Anyhoo, in case you were wondering:

These sites were all talking and cross-linking with each other and about two weeks ago they joined up with Congresspedia, a nonpartisan site that was already using the wiki process to build profiles of all members of Congress. Congresspedia, a project of the Sunlight Foundation and the Center for Media and Democracy, had a fairly high profile, as well as paid editors in place who monitor the site and make sure all entries are sourced. On Wednesday, Congresspedia emerged as the host site for S.T.P. and it has quickly become a clearing house for superdelegate information.

“The biggest portion of the new users who have come in the last four or five days are people with local knowledge at the state level or the district level,” said Avelino Maestas, assistant editor for Congresspedia. “We’re getting information that most people at a national level wouldn’t have.”

I think that first paragraph merits the only clarification I saw in the reportage: I don’t think anybody partnered up with Congresspedia until last week.

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