Tom Udall Interview

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MyDD is the place to go for New Mexico-related news today, it appears, as Jonathan Singer has just posted an interview with Rep. Tom Udall. Udall, of course, announced his candidacy for the Senate last week (stopping in Silver City as part of his kickoff tour as well). Here’s part of the MyDD interview:

Singer: It sounds like you made the determination that it was worth it to give up the sure thing of being in the majority and being on the Appropriations Committee, which you worked very hard to get on. Do you think that being a junior member in the Senate will be worth it in terms of what will have to be foregone to make that race?

Udall: Yes, I do will think it will be worth it. For me this is about service rather than ambition. We’ve always had a tradition in our family that goes way back through grandfathers and great grandfathers of fine public service, of serving the public. My grandfather used to say that if we don’t have good people in public service the scoundrels will take over and you’ll get second class leadership. And I always talked to my constituents about that and say, “This may look unattractive, this public service, but it’s very, very important for some of the best and brightest to get into this because we want to have first class leadership all the way from running our country to running our states and local government.

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