Exercise in futility


I alluded yesterday to a court appearance: here’s the gist. In about my third week in the area, I was cited for making an illegal left turn. Apparently, one of several measures taken to influence traffic patterns is to identify intersections where you can’t make left turns during a certain period of time.

These are pretty prevalent in the area, and I just happened to cruise through one while two cops were waiting on the other side. It was odd: I had a green arrow, there was nobody coming, I wasn’t speeding, so why were the cops pulling me over?

At the time, I was driving my mom to the dentist, and relying on her for directions — I was more focused on where I’m going, rather than the time of day and where I was. Yeah, I screwed up, and I know it, but I figured I would try to plead my case in front of a judge rather than pony up the cash for a fine.

Well, I got a reduced fine from the judge, and I was feeling pretty good for myself. Then they told me there were $61 in court costs as well. That was more expensive than the original fine.

And thus I learned the futility of fighting the system.

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