Beyond rigging the game

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Apparently, our primary election system doesn’t need to be rigged:

It’s far worse than you think — worse than hanging chads, faulty Diebold machines, and billionaires who bankroll last-minute attack ads. The American system for nominating a presidential candidate has about as much in common with actual democracy as Donald Duck has with a lake mallard. It’s not just that this year’s primaries have been further front-loaded, or that the early primary states aren’t representative of the nation at large. There is only passing fairness. There is only the semblance of order. There is nothing like equal representation under the law.

I’m just catching this from the Salon newsletter, and I’m off to work, so I’ll have to read the rest later. Looks to be interesting though.

UPDATE: 11:53 p.m. — Apparently, I forgot the link. Here you go.

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