Daddy knows best

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I saw Jenna Bush on the Today Show last week (it’s good background noise when I’m awake two hours earlier than I need to be) and she seemed a bright and well-reasoned young woman. Jenna was promoting her new book, Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope, and doing a bang up job of it.

This weekend, Dana Goldstein’s column in The American Prospect sheds some more insight into the contradiction that is Jenna Bush:

As her father threatens to veto the entire $34 billion 2008 foreign aid budget just because congressional Democrats have finally snuck in loopholes providing condoms and abortion services to women in the developing world, Jenna is on a nationwide book tour and media blitz, spreading the message that safe sex and education are some of the most important tools in fighting disease.

Did the apple really fall far from the tree?

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