You call this work?

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I alluded in a post last week that I would be working all weekend. Indeed, it seems as though a retraction is in order.

Yes, I was at the Studio Theatre on Saturday and Sunday. And, yes, I was performing duties that could be considered “job functions.”

But work? I don’t know.

Saturday we held an open house, a kickoff celebration for our 30th Anniversary Season. A matinée performance of My Children! My Africa! was followed with an awards ceremony, where the Theatre recognized members of the community for their support during the past 30 years, and where neighborhood and city leaders returned the favor. I spent the day taking photos.

Yesterday, I helped welcome guests to a dinner party, watched the original cast perform the Rimers of Eldritch (the first play produced by the Studio Theatre) and then stuck around for some chocolates and champagne. Oh, and I took more photos.

Yeah, maybe I was “supposed” to be there, but, really, I don’t know that I could call it work.

By the way — if you haven’t seen My Children! My Africa! yet, WETA makes the case.

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