The Can’t Talk Express?


I don’t even know what to say about Gov. Bill Richardson anymore:

As I listened, I wondered why he has not been taken more seriously as a candidate–a smart, accomplished governor of Latino heritage. Then I found out.

At the end of his speech–after noting all the ways he would defend the Constitution and redress global warming–he waved farewell to the crowd and shouted, “Thank you, AFSCME!”

AFSCME? Wrong union, governor. He left and the audience repeatedly shouted, “S-E-I-U!” A polite reminder.

Wow. Via Daily Kos and Election Central. Kos, in particular, has something to add:

These aren’t Howard Dean-style “gaffes”, in which the pundits pound someone for telling the truth (like “capturing Saddam won’t make us safer”). These are the sorts of mistakes that are made from poor preparation and lack of concentration. Or something.

All I know is that high-level politics requires a bit more care.

It’s not just high-level politics — if you’re running for the city council and you’re speaking to a group or organization and you don’t get their name right, you’re in for a world of hurt. And rightly so!

There’s just four months (or so) until the first votes are cast in the Democratic primary, and, at this stage of the game, Richardson simply can’t keep making these kinds of mistakes.

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