Richardson: God said Iowa should be first

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Sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction:

God’s will is for Iowa to have the first-in-the-nation caucus, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson told a crowd here Monday.

“Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary,” Richardson, New Mexico’s governor, said at the Northwest Iowa Labor Council Picnic. “And I want you to know who was the first candidate to sign a pledge not to campaign anywhere if they got ahead of Iowa. It was Bill Richardson.”

Man, this is not the kind of press you want to be getting:

Several people in the crowd snickered after Richardson made the comment.”That was a little weird,” said Sioux City resident Joe Shufro. “I don’t know what God had to do with choosing Iowa among other states. I found that a little strange.”

Wow. I also don’t know what the Constitution has to do with Iowa being first.

Via Election Central.

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