I.E. Poetry Series

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I’m in Baltimore this weekend, and went to a poetry reading last night. Part of the
I.E. Reading Series, we were treated to six poets — three from New York City and three from the Baltimore area.

Several new chapbooks and chapdiscs were available, and Meredith picked one up — I might need to borrow it so I can refresh my memory.

It was my first poetry reading: my familiarity with the form is based on what little was covered in school and some of Meri’s stuff. I’m a noob. At times, I struggled to follow along with the poems, but when I was able to I found the words stimulating, and the ideas provoking.

Meredith’s thoughts on the reading are much more coherent (she knows what she’s talking about).

Still, I had a great time, and look forward to another opportunity for exposure to the form.

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