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My favorite newspaper-reporter-turned-online-journalist Heath Haussamen was profiled in the Alibi this week. Here’s an excerpt:

[Haussamen]: The benefits of the online format are immediacy, depth and multimedia opportunities. I can publish articles that don’t run in newspapers until the next day. I can have a written article accompanied by photos, video, comments, links to other sites that contain more information, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless. And the only space constriction is the attention span of the readers. So there’s more opportunity for exploring the complexities of issues than in print or on television.

Heath is an incredible asset to the state, and especially to residents in Southern New Mexico. His prediction that Doña Ana County may one day rival Bernalillo in size is a bold one, but he makes the case. If it comes to pass, he’s going to be primed to take advantage of the increased importance of the area.

In addition, Heath is a great advocate for increased openness in government and reducing the role of corporate money in politics, and who can’t get behind those principles?

His site should be daily reading, and I hope you’ll give him a read if you haven’t already. You can always find his latest headlines in my sidebar, though you’d do well to bookmark him or add his site to your feed reader.

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