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This wasn’t my first time watching professional tennis at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic. However, it was the first time I watched Andy Roddick play matches three days in a row, along with the Bryan Brothers, newcomer John Isner, and a host of others. Today’s title match (Roddick vs. Isner) was awesome, though Isner’s match with Monfils last night was incredibly exciting. That kid, who’s ranked 419 (!) fought his way to the finals as a wildcard, and (according to the program notes today) is only the third person to do so at Legg Mason.

But wow was it hot. My asthma, which hasn’t been a problem since I arrived in D.C., was acting up because of the poor air quality.

And, of course, I don’t have a stinking USB cable here at the place I’m housesitting — the cable has become, like so much of my life, a casualty of spending all my time moving between three locations.

So, no pictures, for now.

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