Back to Mexico and Fundraising

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I’ll be down south again in the morning, and then off to El Paso to pick Meredith up at the airport. Part II of my series on border issues and immigration will be in the newspaper Monday afternoon, while you can expect Part III on Tuesday.

Keep an eye on Heath Haussamen’s place tomorrow: Gov. Bill Richardson’s Web site is declaring today that his campaign hit its goals for the fundraising quarter. Many have speculated that, should he out-raise John Edwards, then Richardson would move up into the first tier of presidential candidates. So far, I haven’t seen numbers for anybody besides Obama, who declared more than $30 million (!) raised. Anyhoo, Heath has been following this stuff, and he should have an update before I get back into town.

UPDATE: 6:30 a.m. — LP at NM FBIHOP already has the goods:

But it appears, at least according to the Albuquerque Journal, that Richardson has fallen short of the prediction of outraising Edwards.

The silver lining on this cloud is Edwards’ support has dipped significantly since the first quarter’s numbers, while Richardson’s held steady.  The dark part of the cloud is Richardson’s fundraising is still below that of Edwards and should be significantly farther below that of frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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