Richardson recieves New Hampsire endorsement

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The Boston Globe is reporting that a former GOP candidate for the Manchester mayorship, Carlos Gonzales, has announced his support for Bill Richardson:

“Governor Bill Richardson is by far the most qualified candidate in the race for President,” said Gonzalez, who will change his registration to Democrat so he can vote for Richardson in next year’s primary.

Not sure how this will play for Democratic voters in the state, but the Richardson campaign welcomed the news and listed it as a sign that the New Mexico governor is gaining ground in New Hampshire:

“My New Hampshire campaign continues to gain momentum everyday,” said Governor Richardson. “I have a strong steering committee and with the addition of Janis and Dan a strong, experienced New Hampshire campaign team that will continue to spread my message to voters around the state. I am very honored and proud of the strong support I am receiving from the Latino community and I look forward to continuing to grow that support in New Hampshire and across the country.”

Hat tip to Election Central for the linkage.

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