Friday Flickr Dump: Catwalk/Misc. Edition II

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Catwalk Waterfall IVWell, time again for some more photos. Meredith and I traveled to the Catwalk last weekend, and I snapped a few photos. We’ve wanted to go for a few weeks, but, being reporters for a small-town newspaper, we found it hard to get away even on the weekends.

I’m glad we waited: it was a beautiful day, and the recent rain left the area incredibly green. Also, the water wasn’t too cold from snow runoff (as it would have been a few weeks ago) so I could get into Whitewater Creek for some running water shots.

Nonetheless, for the most part we stayed on the trail (something I don’t usually do) and were able to get some great shots, including some of another rattlesnake.

Longtime readers will remember our last rattlesnake encounter. I’m starting to think Meredith is bringing along some sort of rattlesnake lure, since I’ve never seen one in all my hiking in the Southwest during the past 15 years, but have seen two in the past two months hiking with her.

Be sure to check out Meri’s pictures from the day. Here are a few more of mine: Ridgeline

Little Moth Rattlesnake

Whitewater Canyon

Anyhoo, I’ve also included three miscellaneous shots from the past week. There’s no particular rhyme or reason here, just photos I enjoyed. You know the drill: click for larger versions and descriptions.

Yellow Lily

Snail's Pace