Before the stacks come down


In 12 days, Phelps Dodge Mining Company plans to demolish the smokestacks at its Hurley smelter, which is being dismantling after the company found more efficient techniques for extracting copper ore. The stacks (one of which was built in the 1930s) are something of a landmark in Grant County — you can see them from about 30 miles away, and they’re one of the sure signs you’re almost home when you’re coming from Deming.

On Saturday, people from all across New Mexico (and some from Colorado and California) converged on Cortez Ave. to pose in front of the stacks for one last hurrah before they come down. Hundreds of past and current residents turned out, many telling stories of their connection to the stacks.

Demolition is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Friday, May 25.

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