Friday Flickr Dump: Downtown Edition


12th and Pope StSo, you may have noticed the lack of actual blogging taking place this week. I’m sorry. I’ve felt burned out on the whole political front, for no other reason than I’ve really enjoyed photography lately. I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with the camera in my hands, and that eats into my time for surfing the net and browsing blogs.

I’m going to try to take the weekend off from actual blogging, and hopefully by Monday I’ll be motivated to bitch and moan about politics properly.

Until then, here’s photos from a photowalk I did with Meredith on Wednesday. We just wandered in downtown Silver City for a few hours after work, snapping away whenever something caught our eyes. I think purposeful photography is fun (like the Digitial Photo School forum assignments) but the type of freestyle shooting that occurs on photowalks appeals to my creative side. She took a bunch of great shots, so be sure to check em out too.

I hope you enjoy the photos. As always, click for larger versions and descriptions.

May Sunflower Old Hester House

Decorative Buds


Crawling Roses

Lion's Head


Purple Flowers