Paying more for the same level of care

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Do you like wasting money? Or would you rather get the best bang for the buck? If so, maybe you should move to Canada:

As the authors conclude, “although Canadian outcomes were more often superior to US outcomes than the reverse, neither the United States nor Canada can claim hegemony in terms of quality of medical care and the resultant patient-important outcomes.” The question raised is slightly different: How can we possibly countenance a system that costs twice as much as the Canadian system but delivers slightly worse care? Even assuming diminishing returns, our expenditures should result in care outcomes at least 20% or 30% better than Canada’s. Instead, they’re about 5% worse, but cost around 187%. Does it sound like we’re getting a good deal?

Ezra has more at his place, but this seems like one of those no-brainers.  Which would you prefer: spending more, or spending less?

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