Shootout in downtown Silver City

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No You May Not!OK, I know the title is misleading, but us bloggers will do anything to bring in site traffic, right? Anyhoo, the Texas Street Outlaws, in conjunction with businesses along Yankie and Texas Streets and the Silver City-Grant County Chamber of Commerce staged three gunfights downtown Saturday.

According to Nicole Robbins, chamber director, merchants along the streets — including restaurants, galleries and other businesses — have banded together to attract tourists and other customers to their area of downtown. It’s a sense of cooperation that, I think, is unique to Silver City, and one of the reasons downtown remains as vibrant as it is today.

Anyhoo, more info in today’s Silver City Daily Press, but, for now, here’s some additional photos:

Can I Offer You A Drink?
The lead up to the first photo, when Nicole busted a bottle over Greg Bond’s head. Greg owns Vickie’s Eatery, a favorite lunchtime destination for us locals. The bottle was made of breakaway glass, just to be clear.

Dancing Outlaws On the Warpath


Packing Heat