Stina’s Birthday Party

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Expletive Birthday CakeStina, the Daily Press photographer, celebrated her birthday last night with a huge number of friends. I honestly didn’t know half the people there. She meets a lot of people through her work for the paper, and Stina, being the person she is, befriends most of them.

She made out like a bandit though: works of art, socks (you have to know her), a book, a great selection of cards, and three cakes!

Anyhoo, here’s some photos of the affair, including a shot of the ice cream cake that Meredith and I made (it’s the one with the candles). Hit me up for the recipe, it’s incredibly easy.

Erika and Taylor

Stina's New Socks Jamie Thompson


Becca and Brandie

The Prisoner Stina and the Ice Cream Cake

Stina and Allison