Hip Hop Voter Project

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Having seen first hand just how hard it is to register young voters, I empathize with Julia Goldberg regarding the Hip Hop Voter Project.

She’s got more on her blog, but definitely check out the video.

UPDATE — 4:04 pm: I should add that I found the experience very rewarding. It’s hard to get young people interested in what’s happening in the political world, though I think MySpace and blogs are helping to reverse that trend. The social involvement that comes from participating online (even if only through MySpace) is a huge draw for younger voters, and the Hip Hop Voter Project is taking a similar approach through music.

Even limited success in such efforts can have a lasting impact, as those swayed into action (or, perhaps, swayed out of inaction) pass along what they’ve learned to their peers. I don’t want readers to think that registering people to vote was a chore or wasn’t worth the effort: quite the contrary, even when my involvement was primarily in the background. But I did want to convey that it takes a lot of time and energy to participate in such a program, much less organize it. So, kudos to Julia.