Easter dinner

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The Cooking Fool

I was, as I kept telling people, a cooking fool this weekend. I baked a New York-style cheesecake yesterday (with a hint of lemon and orange) before getting dinner ready for Meredith and Stina today. Since both are from out of town, and therefore wouldn’t be able to spend the day with their families, I wanted to do something nice for them.

Meri had a turkey left over from Christmas, and donated it to the cause. You can see the results above. Below you can find the rest of the spread: roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce; garlic and rosemary potatoes; stuffing (covered up, sorry) and the cheesecake.

Easter Supper

I just finished cleaning up the place — I think it’s time to go hide and find some Easter Eggs.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, regardless of whether you celebrate Easter. See you tomorrow.

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