Silver City and Clovis Essential Air Service to be revisited

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There’s more in today’s Silver City Daily Press, but I wanted to pass along some of the documentation on the story:

We based our original decision on the facts that Great Lakes’ Denver/Phoenix option for Clovis and Silver City/Hurley/Deming, respectively, was about $465,000 less expensive than its Albuquerque-only option, and that community support was split with Clovis supporting Albuquerque service and Silver City supporting Phoenix. Also, Denver and Phoenix are large hub airports that both provide extensive connections to the national air transportation system. Silver City has now petitioned on the basis that it had fully intended to support the Albuquerque option all along, and that we misinterpreted its position.

Regardless of whether the community’s letter was ambiguous or whether we misinterpreted it, the facts underlying our original decision have now changed, and we will, therefore, reconsider our earlier decision and resolicit bids for service.

You can download the order here (PDF).

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