More on the GOP hit on Iglesias

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NMFBIHOP has a thorough examination of the group behind that Republican
attack ad I mentioned yesterday:

But first, let’s take a look at this group, the New Mexicans for Honest Courts.  No, I have not heard of them either. Let’s see their PAC reports.  And here is a more detailed look at  the PAC Report for 2006.

According to the October 9 filing by the group, they raised just $1100 in 2006, after coming into the year with a balance of $1657.91; they spent $160.

Of the $1100 raised, $400 came from Charles C Coll, an attorney from Roswell.  I can’t find anything on a Charles C Coll from Roswell, but a Google search does bring up a Charles H Coll from Roswell. The other $700 was raised from anonymous sources.

The only expenditure was $160 for a bulk rate permit from the US Postal Service.  We will have to wait until the May 8 filing deadline to find out what exactly they sent out in bulk — though we can guess it was not in a pro-Democrat fashion.

There’s lot’s more after the link, so head on over.

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