Metro court indictments handed down

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So, remember the Domenici and Wilson phone calls, where they pressured asked then U.S. Attorney David Iglesias to speed up about an investigation? Well, indictments were finally issued today in the case. I’ve been watching Greeks beat up on Persians, so let’s head to Heath’s place for the latest:

Former Senate President Manny Aragon was indicted today, along with three others, in a massive public corruption scandal involving construction of the metro court facility in Bernalillo County.

Aragon is facing one count of conspiracy, seven counts of fraud, 11 counts of money laundering and other charges.

Heath has a lot more going on at his site:

About all I can add is this statement from John Werthiem, chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico:

“I commend the professional prosecutors at the U.S. Attorneys Office for their refusal to bend to political pressure by filing these courthouse indictments prematurely,” said John V. Wertheim, Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Democrats are committed to rooting out public corruption. If these allegations are true then the individuals should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I only hope that Pete Domenici’s and Heather Wilson’s attempted political manipulation of these indictments has not played into the defense attorneys’ hands. Because if these indictments do not lead to convictions, Wilson and Domenici will be to blame.”

As I said in the past, if there was wrong doing, it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, it seems clear these indictments would not have been handed down if Iglesias hadn’t worked so hard on the investigation.

The problem has been Domenici’s and Wilson’s interference in the investigation.

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