Monday Morning Photo Dump: Gila Runoff Edition

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Mogollon Runoff

As John Fleck reported last week, runoff in New Mexico came fast and early this spring. Yesterday, I was at Box Canyon to check things out first hand. Sure enough, the water was cold and running strong — so strong that I ventured in only twice, and almost dunked my camera in during one crossing.

The “green up” is beginning, but still has a few weeks left to really get underway, unless we get another storm system like the one last week. Still, you can see evidence all along the river.

Iron Bridge

One last note, before more pictures: after I posted the above photo of Iron Bridge to my Flickr page, another user linked to this shot. It’s a small world, people, whatever anybody tells you.

As always, click for larger versions:
Gila, New Mexico

Some of the greenery coming up:
Purplings Greenery Sprouting

For Meredith’s mom:
Field Horse

Twin Peaks II Iron Bridge II Lingering