Senate adjourns again

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As they did earlier this week, a majority of state senators voted to adjourn sine die, leaving members of the House with the tough choice of continuing on without per diem, or calling back the Senate. Heath Haussamen has more:

The Senate didn’t approve the feed bill before adjourning today, so House members would be working without per diem, as they did during the first week of the special session, if they continue. If they keep working, the Senate must return by Wednesday, but could vote to adjourn again.

Democratic Sens. John Arthur Smith of Deming, Tim Jennings of Roswell and Linda Lopez of Albuquerque voted with the Republican caucus to adjourn sine die. The motion passed on a vote of 18-17, with several senators absent.

“We do not have an imminent emergency in state government for a special session,” Smith told me following the vote.

It looks like there may be a shift, however, since several Democrats (including Silver City’s Sen. Ben Altamirano) switched their vote this time around and voted to remain in session. According to Heath:

When the Senate voted Tuesday to adjourn sine die, eight Democrats sided with Republicans. Three of those Democrats did so again today, but four others changed their votes, and one was absent.

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