Senate Shenanigans

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The Albuquerque Tribune’s Kate Nash (hat tip to Heath) blogged yesterday that the Senate adjourned without considering any of Gov. Bill Richardson’s proposed legislation:

Linda Lopez just moved the Senate adjourn SINE DIE. It passed.

But there is a challenge to the ruling, which was on a voice vote. . . The vote was upheld. The Senate is out of here on a vote of 24-14.

Senators who voted to adjourn said they didn’t see any emergencies that had to be dealt with.

Here’s what Richardson’s office said.

“Governor Richardson is encouraged that the House continues to work on this important agenda for the people of New Mexico,” said Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesman for Governor Richardson. “It appears the Senate will have to reconvene by Saturday to begin its work.”

A few said Richardson’s decision to leave the state tonight was a factor.

Heath had a little more on the reasoning:

Apparently, some of the unrest in the Senate has to do with the fact that Richardson wanted to force lawmakers to be in Santa Fe working on legislation even though he is scheduled to leave the state tonight to head to Laguna Beach, Calif., where he’ll hold a fundraiser tomorrow for his presidential campaign.It’s that whole do-as-I-say-but-not-as-I-do mentality I’ve written about before.

Interestingly, we had to find out about the fundraiser from the Orange County Register. Richardson’s campaign never sent out notice that he would be heading to California.

According to Heath, the House might call back the Senate in a few days:

The move puts the House in the position of siding with the governor or the Senate. House members began work this afternoon after it became clear there weren’t the votes in that chamber to defy the governor’s proclamation, so it seems likely the House will call the Senate back to work in three days if it doesn’t voluntarily come back sooner.

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