Grant County Dem. Convention this Saturday

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From Anne McCormick, Grant County Democratic Party Secretary:

This Saturday, March 24, at the Red Barn Restaurant in Silver City, the Grant County Democratic Party will hold combined precinct and county meetings.  Registration begins at 8:30; there will be a no-host buffet breakfast; and the meeting will begin at 10 am. 

The business of the meetings is to elect precinct and ward officers, Party Chair and Vice Chair, and State Central Committee members.  We will also conduct other related business of the Party, including any resolutions to be brought to the State Convention April 28.

Arrive any time between 8:30 and 9:45 to register; your name will be checked on a master list of Democratic voters in Grant County, and your precinct and ward numbers will be put on your name tag.  We will first meet in precincts (roughly corresponding to your neighborhood), elect precinct officers and delegates to the County convention (each precinct has a certain number of delegates they can elect, depending on the size of the Dem vote in that precinct), and then convene into wards (larger units of several precincts) to elect ward officers.  THEN the elected convention delegates and ward officers will form as the County Convention and will elect Chair, Vice Chair, and State Central Ctee members.

FYI:  Any person who registers at the County Clerk’s office as Democrat before Friday, March 23, 5 pm, will be admitted.  Howie Morales will prepare a certified list of new registrees that we will  have in addition to the registered voters list.

Only people who attend the meeting will be able to vote.  There will be no proxies.

For more information, contact Party Chair Matthew Runnels (534-0521) or Dem Party of NM at 505/830-3650.

Carlos Provencio is actively gunning for the chairmanship (which Matt Runnels has held for several years now), so it may be an interesting weekend. If you’re a Grant County Democrat and want a say in what happens in your party, looks like the Red Barn is the place to be Saturday morning.

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