Bear and Loon part II

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I’ve mentioned Bear and Loon before, and last night we had an opportunity to dine with them again. They invited Meredith and I to Shevik and Mi’s, a for some good dinner, some good beer, and some really good dessert. You can see Loon above, relating one of his wonderful stories.

The two are gone today, having left for Phoenix. They’re planning to start the Pacific Crest Trail on April 1st (“Two fools starting the PCT on April Fool’s Day,” they said), and are preparing for the six-month trek.

Visit Jeremy’s Web site, and learn more about the reasons for his hike across America. Then, if you can, make a donation.

Here are Meri, Loon, Bear and Will (one of the many friends they’ve made during their travels):

Hikers Group Photo

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