More on Richardson’s Gila Funding Veto

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Well, for some reason our Web site doesn’t have the Friday edition online yet, but I did want to get you a copy of my story on Richardson’s veto of $945,000 for studies of the Gila and San Francisco rivers.

Here’s a PDF of the story.

Richardson’s explanation of the veto (the “appropriation language was problematic”) is interesting. He’s the one who wrote it (PDF, head for page 56):

Gila Basin Water Development. Continue steps necessary for the development of 14,000 acre feet of water rights and access to up to $128 million in federal funds made available as a result of the 2004 Arizona
Water Settlements Act.
$500,000 GF Nonrecurring

As you can see, the money as originally recommended was just $500,000, far short of the $4.6 million that will be required to complete all the studies.

More as I hear it. Additional info here and here.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to my story on the Daily Press Web site.

UPDATE II: For more, here’s the Silver City Daily Press editorial (PDF) about Richardson’s veto.

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