Hooray sports action; NM Impeachment measure killed

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As I mentioned yesterday, our sports editor is in Albuquerque covering the State Girls Basketball Championship. So, I’ve been off my usual beat, covering softball and baseball.

As a result, I haven’t been keeping up to date with all the political news happening around the state and country. Fortunately, your other New Mexico bloggers have. Here’s a smattering of the latest and low down from the Land of Enchantment:

First up is Democracy for New Mexico, which is reporting that Senate Joint resolution 5 is dead in the water:

However, SJR 5, New Mexico’s impeachment resolution, was killed when it failed to get the votes necessary to move to the Senate Floor for debate. So it didn’t even get a discussion by the Senate, the very least that could be expected from a legislative body dominated by Democrats. I don’t know exactly who voted against debating the resolution or who was absent, but I’ll report that when I get it.

Heath Haussamen has been covering the affordable housing scandal for months, and this week he’s been asking why some don’t want to see some reform to the system:

Opponents of a bill that would remake the state’s affordable housing system are passing out a series of outdated audits in an apparent attempt to argue that the system doesn’t need a complete overhaul.

Meanwhile Senate Bill 519, sponsored by Sen. Mary Kay Papen, D-Las Cruces, has not yet been scheduled for a hearing in the House Business and Industry Committee.

Speaker of the House Ben Lujan and that committee have made moves in recent days most believe are designed to kill the proposal, though Lujan says that’s not his intent. On Sunday the committee, after at least two of its Democratic members spoke privately with Lujan, tabled the House version of Papen’s bill. Then on Monday, Lujan moved Papen’s bill from the Judiciary Committee to the Business and Industry Committee.

Earlier that day, before Lujan moved the bill, Vincent “Smiley” Gallegos, a lobbyist and the former director of the Albuquerque-based Region III Housing Authority, was sitting outside a House Democratic caucus meeting with a grin on his face. Later Monday, he and Lujan began touting audits they said showed the problems with the housing authorities aren’t as bad as many claim.

Finally, NM FBIHOP has some info on the Legislature’s latest efforts to combat DWI:

wo measures sought by Bill Richardson to help combat New Mexico’s DWI problem are working their way through the House and Senate towards Richardson’s desk.

It is not news to anyone in New Mexico that drunk driving is a huge problem in the Land of Enchantment.  It seems that new DWI legislation happens every year in the Legislature, but we still have a problem in our state.

So this year’s crop of bills attempting to curb the problem include Senate bill 437 and House bill 126.

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