New Chamber Director: Fear Factor Contestant?

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That’s been the word on the street since Nicole Robbins was hired as the Silver City-Grant County Chamber of Commerce executive director last month. This afternoon, during the Chamber’s monthly luncheon, SIGRED director Mary Ann Sedillo spilled the beans, saying that Robbins was not just on the show, but a winner too!

It takes a little digging (rather than a simple Google search) to find out more about her appearance on the show, but you know I’ll go to great lengths to bring you the goods. Here’s the info:

What stunt was the most challenging for you and why?
Honestly the tram stunt when we were hanging on the ropes over the water, the first stunt. That was the hardest, not because we were up high (I blocked that out), but because you can’t control when your muscles are going to give out on you. It was pure strength. You needed good coordination but if you were heavy and had no upper body strength there was no way you were going to last, especially with the wind and the swaying tram.

Did you have any phobias going into the competition?
Black Widows. Thank God I didn’t go there.

Other than winning, what was the best part about your Fear Factor experience?
Winning was cool, but the best was that it was a mental challenge the whole time because everyone was trying to break you down mentally. My favorite part was proving everyone wrong.

Nicole won the 100th Episode, which was filmed in New York.

Not incidentally, Robbins has always chosen to focus on her future goals for the Chamber and its membership, deflecting attention from her appearance on the show.

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