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Looks like our friends up north went and bought themselves a domain:

I think that a community blog can be a great addition to our little corner of the lefty New Mexico blogosphere.  There are great bloggers out there, from the ladies at M-Pyre to Burque Babble to Democracy for New Mexico.  But I’m sure there are just as many people out there who have opinions on New Mexico topics that, well, don’t want the responsibility of starting a blog.

This is their chance to write a diary, then wait a couple days and come back when they feel there is something else worth writing about.  And how do they do that?

Over on the top-right, you can Join New Mexico FBIHOP.  You will choose a user name, get a password, and be able to leave comments and write diaries, that other people will be able to comment upon.

If group blogs and local blogs are the future, these guys are off to a good start. Linkage to the right has been updated accordingly.

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