Another case for universal health care

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Via Kevin, here’s Andy Card:

It is time to admit that the employer-based health care system is dead — a relic of the industrial economy. America cannot compete in the new global economy when we are the only industrialized nation on earth that puts the price of healthcare on the cost of our products.

Think Progress has more:

Nearly 47 million Americans lack health insurance. Health care premiums have jumped 87 percent over the last five years. As Americans struggle to afford coverage and companies reel at its costs, the need for guaranteed affordable health care for all is clear.

This morning, AT&T, Wal-Mart, the Service Employees International Union, the Center for American Progress, and a host of other businesses and non-profit organizations will announce a new campaign to tackle this health care crisis.

The unusual partnership, called “Better Health Care Together,” is motivated around four organizing principles:

  1. We believe every person in America must have quality, affordable health insurance coverage;
  2. We believe individuals have a responsibility to maintain and protect their health;
  3. We believe that America must dramatically improve the value it receives for every health care dollar; and
  4. We believe that businesses, governments, and individuals all should contribute to managing and financing a new American health care system.

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