Sad and amazing

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As a reporter, I’m not infallible. I know this, and I know I make mistakes (and I readily admit them when they’re pointed out to me). That’s why this kind of thing makes me sad:

Another, perhaps even more disturbing, press deception revolved around Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and the announcement he made from the floor of the Senate on January 24 that he would not run for president in 2008. Disturbing, because the fraud did not involve Fox News or the right-wing but instead was driven by mainstream media outlets.

Kerry’s speech, which was mocked in the press for being poorly stage managed (it was too wordy, pundits complained), was also badly mangled by scores of major news players who concocted the phony storyline that Kerry had shed tears of regret while announcing his plans to sit out the 2008 race.

Kerry did no such thing, but reporters and pundits went ahead and manufactured the narrative that the “emotional” and “choked up” senator became “tearful” as he publicly “let go of his White House dreams.” None of that was accurate. Kerry did become temporarily emotional, but not while he was discussing his political ambitions.

The whole post is wonderfully detailed, including this snippet:

For the record, at no point did Kerry shed any tears on the floor of the Senate last Wednesday; he simply did not “cry.” Rather, during a single sentence Kerry became emotional and his voice caught. The press’ key distortion though, was that the single sentence had nothing to do with running for president again. Instead, Kerry was momentarily overcome with emotion when he noted that the misguided war in Iraq threatened to undo everything he had fought for since his return from Vietnam more than three decades ago.