Photo Dump: Cherry Creek

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Cherry Creek TreesI drove out to Cherry Creek yesterday to try some shots with my new Canon (which factory service returned to me on Wednesday – for more on that, see here). I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. The drive was pleasant, and the temperature was OK. When I arrived, I walked along the creek for a bit, before turning south, up the side of a hill.

I kept on like that for a bit, before I reached the point pictured at left. This is where I turned around, because the snow was too deep for me to continue. After returning to my car, I stopped at the Ben Lilly memorial (where I met Mitch) on the way back to Pinos Altos. Finally, I trekked over toward Santa Clara for some pre-sunset shots.

More photos below; as always, click for larger versions:


Agave Two Levels New Mexico 15

Twin Sisters Mitch