Clemens questions Richardson; Benen runs over Richardson qualifications

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Saw this first at Julia Goldberg’s blog, but it’s starting to pop up in other places as well:

I will frame this as a “question” for Bill Richardson.

Have you behaved inappropriately or not in public settings with female members of your government administration, jokingly or not? Have you gestured to female public servants and political appointees — who work as colleagues with you — and made lewd gestures, specifically pointing to them and then pointing at your crotch with a room full of media and other politicos there in the room?

As Josh Marshall said, that was fast. Meanwhile, Steve Benen of the Carpetbagger Report has a few things to say about New Mexico’s head honcho:

  • Richardson is the first credible Hispanic candidate in U.S. history (he does speak fluent Spanish);
  • He’s a wildly popular governor of a competitive but “red” state;
  • He has experience in Congress (seven-term House member), in the executive branch (Secretary of Energy), in international institutions (ambassador to the United Nations), and in international diplomacy (having engaged in negotiations in countries ranging from North Korea to Sudan).
  • He’s Roman Catholic;
  • Governors tend to perform better than senators in presidential elections.

Of course, elections aren’t held on paper, but for a candidate with Richardson’s talents, that’s not a bad pitch.

Don’t underestimate this one. Richardson has a great resume, he’s very personable, he has a knack for generating publicity, and he has a compelling narrative to share with voters. Keep an eye on him; he’s likely to do well.

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