Committee backlash?

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Heath Haussamen has a couple of posts on some committee shake ups in the New Mexico House of Representatives:

After supporting House Majority Leader Ken Martinez’s failed bid for speaker last month, reps. Joseph Cervantes and Mary Helen Garcia of Las Cruces have lost influential committee positions.

Garcia learned late today that Speaker of the House Ben Lujan had replaced her with Rep. Joni Gutierrez of Las Cruces on the Appropriations and Finance Committee. Cervantes, who had been chair of the Judiciary Committee, will now serve as vice chair. Al Park of Albuquerque, the previous vice chair, will now be chair, Lujan decided.

On the flip side, Lujan made Rep. Andy Nuñez of Hatch, who supported him in the speaker race, chair of the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee.

This is something I heard about a lot yesterday, so I’m glad Heath is on the case. I’ve finally got some time in front of a computer again, and will have some more for you later this morning.