A new library and/or city hall

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I wrote an article yesterday regarding a work session (to be held tomorrow) where the city council will discuss a new library and possibly a city hall at the former Hillcrest Hospital site.

This morning, I received an e-mail from David Gershenson, of the Library Foundation. Here’s a portion:

I think it is important to include the fact that in late ’05 the Town Council voted to build a new library and, in early ’06, the Council voted to locate the new library at the Hillcrest site.

In any event, I would appreciate your understanding that, unless and until the Council does reverse itself, a new library located at the Hillcrest site is more than just an idea for discussion.

Gershenson is absolutely correct. On January 24, to be precise, the council adopted Resolution 2006-05 (PDF), which designated the Hillcrest site as the location for a new library. David is also correct in stating the council can reverse itself, but his was an important observation.

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