Speaking of the Speaker race…

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Mario Burgos on the New Mexico House Democrats:

A deliberative body that won’t deliberate because of a FEAR. Fear that they will end up with a bad assignment. Fear that their capital outlay will be vetoed. Fear that their bills won’t see the light of day.

Maybe, they should balance those fears with fears of castration. Whatever happened to the Western spirit? In the land of Lobos – sorry Aggies – our Democratic legislature has turned into a bunch of sheep. Someone should remind these folks that they don’t get paid for this job. In fact, all they have is there dignity, and it’s pretty sad if they’re willing to trade that away for a better committee assignment.

This reminds me of the discussion about open conference committees at the Roundhouse. From Sen. Dede Feldman’s blog, posted in March:

The general atmosphere of secrecy.  This year I generally felt more left out than others when it came to the big decisions on how we should be spending the surplus.  The leadership—especially, the Senate Finance Committee– played it close to the vest.  The rank and file folks, and even committee chairs like me, had to be pretty smart and pretty fast to figure out what was in—and what was out– of the budget, especially after the conference committee had done it’s work. The spreadsheets weren’t always accurate, and there was not enough time to go over things.  Of course, it would help if the Senate Finance and the Conference Committee were open meetings, but I hate to be a nag.  I think everyone knows my position on this… given my sponsorship of the ill-fated Open Conference Committee bill.

Everything is done in secret. Nobody can take a stand on a candidate for the Speaker of the House race, and nobody knows what’s happening behind the closed doors of conference committees.

One last comment: in a year when Democrats in Congress are imposing a moratorium on earmarks, it’s interesting to watch the happenings in New Mexico: everybody scrambling to get their share of the pork pie.