Bear Canyon photo roundup


Great Blue HeronOK, here’s a bunch of the photos from my fishing trip to Bear Canyon Lake yesterday. Before we get to the photos, however, I want to say a quick note about the heron featured in my earlier post (and below, as well). As I was examining the photo to the left, I noticed the bird has a hook embedded in its neck, and some fishing line stuck in its beak.

I called Dennis Miller, who operates Gila Wildlife Rescue, and left him a message about the situation. He called me right back, asked a couple of questions (Where was he? Was he flying?) and said he would travel to the lake first thing in the morning.

I’ll keep you updated.

OK, here are the photos (as usual, click for larger versions):

Anglers Bear Canyon Lake Blacktree

Flying Ducks Bottled Dreams Sparkles on the water

Flying Heron

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